Why Use an Interior Designer for a Remodel or New Home Construction

Many people wonder about the reason of getting interior designer for remodel or new home construction. One of the most common misconceptions about interior design is, interior designer help decorating everything. However, experienced house owner and designer firms understand that interior design helps a lot on remodel or construction.

Make Your Design or Build Process Possible

Without having a clear mind on design or build for your project, it can be a nightmare. An interior designer can help you on design and provide professional idea from your requirement. They also get to know your interests, and turn the ideal into a home design that is functional, comfortable, and attractive.

To create a personalize interior for your home, an interior designer can use paint, fabric, etc to turn your home a totally different space. Once interior designer is hired, the design or build process is easier by having them monitoring and keep client alert on important decision, action, and change required throughout the construction. The project will move according to timeline and budget too.

Timeline Control and Budget Checking

The most expensive part of a construction project is the delay and redo causes by change orders. While the process ongoing, the owner might reject or dislike the outcome. It is time consuming and cost a lot when this happen during construction. By employing professional interior designer, they will make sure the design is right and take action immediate to stop or correct before the effort is wasted. Be In Design have a team with experienced interior designers, in-house construction, and manufacturing companies.

Once you are engaged with us, we will be in charge of the whole project, from knocking out exterior walls to expand the view, to redesigning the kitchen and bathrooms, master bedroom, all new paint colors, lighting fixtures, window treatments, flooring and carpet. We also provide custom cabinetry and built-ins, new countertops and appliances, etc. This can help you save time on looking different people to handle your remodel or new home construction.

Advantage of Art Sense for Your Interior

Most of us know what we like when we see it, but not all have the ability to maintain the design flow from room-to-room. Interior designers have the sense of art that help you to restructure the idea and make it happen. Also, they can share with you other brilliant idea that will be unique to your design. Some idea may not happen, unless you are working with architect or build to on the project. Hiring an experienced interior design is really helpful before your construction project start because they can be benefit as adviser, inventor, artist and advocate from the moment the design phase begins through the completion of your project.


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