Malaysia's Leading Interior Design Company and Consultancy

Be In Design Solution Sdn Bhd is an interior design consultancy firm, running on the philosophical fuel of meeting with every clients' needs and achieving designs fulfilled to its highest potential.

This is made more efficient with existence of our own in-house contruction and manufacturing companies, namely ARC Contruction and Olive Tree Furniture, thus providing three vital services within the industry all under one umbrella.

The first of our services is a capable interior design and consultancy team, ever ready to initiatively listen to the clientele needs and requirements, purposefully producing designs aimed to please the eye, incorporated with a wholesome practicality and versatile tastes whilest always spearheading all stages of design and revonation with fervour and highest responsibility.

Specialising in building construction such as houses, factories, show houses and etc..., as well as renovation and extension works, ARC Construction would step in for the next stage, constructing and realising our designs to its fullest potential with effective cost, time & skill management.

Lastly comes the all inclusive Olive Tree Furniture, our manufacturing factory that has been set up to meet with the demands of our clients who are interested in uniquely pieced furniture and custom made one of a kinds. Hands on and in a timely manner, these furnitures are built in our own allocated factory with precision and of the promised finishes.

With an effective business plan comprising these three essential services all under one roof, we at Be In Design Solutions Sdn Bhd are always striving to create eclectic top notch designs at reasonable competitive costs, aiming to please our growing clientele portfolio.

Our Team at Be In Design Solutions Sdn Bhd hopes to set ourselves apart in the best sense within the industry.


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