Colorful Living Room Interior Design Ideas and Inspiration

It is not a easy task for choosing the colour for your living room interior design. The colour chosen affect how the guests feel in the space. The space can be energize or relaxing, depends on the colour scheme. Soft blue and white can make the living room feel calm, and cool with a light tan carpet to keep the tones balance.

Generally, the interior designs for living room are more formal compared with other rooms because it is a public area. To present the room with personality and welcoming, you may choose wall covering that reflect your style. The wallpaper with stylish printing on it may bring warmth and texture to the wall. Some designs require trim work, which used to cover the seams where floors and veiling meet walls and supporting structure. The style of trim work gives your home the look of classical, contemporary, old-world, or regional.

To be creative while maintain the function of living room as public space, consider floor covering that provide comfort underfoot and design as well. The combination of floral and stripes create a vibrant theme in the living room. If you prefer simple floor design, choose neutral colour flooring the allow focus on furniture and art in the living room. The popular choices of flooring in living room are hardwood floor, tile, stone tile, and full carpeting, each material present different style for the entire room.

Every space has a focal point which helps bring you into the environment, so do living room. In Malaysia, television had become the center of attention in the living room. To make your living more beautiful and creative, place a piece of beautiful view or eye-catching artwork. You can also place some collection of silver tray at the corner. Place a mirror to make the room looks brighter and larger by reflecting light and view from outdoor. If you have a bare wall, use lightweight two-dimensional tiles to make your living room more fun.

As your living room serve as a gathering spaces, arrange your furniture that encourage conversation and interaction. Let your seat stay away from the walls and arrange them to face each other. If you have a large space of living room, break it into two for more comfortable environment. You can always pull it into group to expand the circle when needed. A transparent table can give the space an uncluttered feel.

For living room, the lighting should be relaxed and comfortable mood. Focus on the layers of light, and position of the light to ensure a good distribution illumination. Also, a table lamp encourages people to sit down and relax. Place a bouquet of vibrant flowers and vase beside the seat. Add some contrast by mixing printing like zebra to a low-key sofa. Put dissimilar patterns with alike colour can create a impact to the interior too. To highlight the rich colour such as brown and purple, place them against white backdrop.


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